Dead Block - Rock and trap zombies!

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Meet Mike Bacon

Mike is a nosey, smart-ass boy scout and nothing could spoil his good mood, even if the whole of mankind turned into Zombies. He is always hungry and looking for something to eat. Years of bullying have turned him into a bit of a loner. Food has become his best friend and the mere thought of munching down on some delicious snacks fills every fiber of his being with joy. He walks around with a huge grin on his face, is always hungry and generally a bit of a pain in the backside.

His insatiable appetite has him constantly searching for food and finding useful items by accident! Additionally his boy scout skills allow him to build the most devastating of traps.

Mike's favorite smart bomb against the Zombies is his Hamburger, which he throws like a hand grenade. Lured by the meaty smell it gives off all Zombies in the room will stop what they're doing and congregate around the burger.

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