Dead Block - Rock and trap zombies!

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Meet Jack Foster

USA in the 1950's – the decade that Rock'n'Roll music spawned directly from hell and wreaked havoc across the western civilization. The music was so evil it revived dead people and turned them into Zombies!

Construction worker Jack Foster gets caught out by the undead invasion on his way home and manages to find shelter in a nearby house. Using his construction hammer he builds blockades and secures himself inside the house against the undead intruders.

Jack is grumpy and likes to get things done on his own. He is quiet, not very ambitious and has settled for the life he has been given. He is most happy when he goes to the pub and has a beer or two with his mates. Change is really not Jack's cup of tea and he despises it with a passion. He is a passionate handyman and likes to be in control without having to rely on others.

Jack's last chance against the zombies is the Nail Gun, which can be improved more during the game.

His father came from Italy and was the star of another game a long time ago. It may have been a Jump'n'Run but we're not sure ...

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