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Dead Block First DLC available

Digital Reality and developer Candygun Games announced the first major downloadable content (DLC) for their zombie defense video game Dead Block on Xbox LIVE® Arcade and PlayStation Network®. The zombie title that has rocked the apocalyptic gaming world to shreds now has four new themed levels, where the town’s survivors – Boy Scout Mike Bacon, construction worker Jack Foster, and no-nonsense meter maid Foxy Jones – are driven deeper into hiding as they use defensive instincts, along with nail guns and hamburger smart bombs, to survive the undead onslaught.

Download the new Dead Block DLC screenshots here!

The freshly served up DLC includes four new maps of zombie defense fun including a Motel, a Turkish Bath, an Office Building, and a Slaughterhouse. Available in either single or multiplayer modes, players can choose to defend themselves on their own or with a motley crew of up to four players. With each new level survivors will find challenging enemy setups, calling for creative destruction of zombie hordes, along with customized intro cut scenes and updated leaderboards.

The content (called the "More Dead to Block Map Pack") is going to cost 240 MS Points or $3, and will be available… oh, right now. It's available right now.